Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Prepay and Save?

You can put money into your account on Digital Songs and Hymns. Then, every song you purchase with your account is discounted. The more money you put on your account at one time, the bigger your discount. 

Discounts are as follows: 

 $25 -  3%

$100 - 10%

$200 - 15%

$300 - 20%

$500 - 30%

$800 - 50%


To put money on your account:

  1. Login (or create an account)
  2. Click My Song Library.  Your account information is listed there.
  3. Click "Add money to account" (underneath your Account Balance)
  4. Follow the instructions and enjoy your discounts!

Money on your account never expires!

Start saving today!  Please note that Prepaid Monies are not refundable and discounts do NOT apply to CD's or songs digitized for individual organizations.