Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view and order songs that have not been uploaded?

DSAH has digitized over 11,000 songs! Many that have been digitized have not yet been uploaded. These songs are listed on the Excel sheet.

Download Excel Spreadsheet

As of Feb 1, 2014 we've changed the ordering process from the Spreadsheet.  You no longer are required to prepay  Instead, we will upload the songs as you request them and notify you via email that we have done so.  You can then purchase the songs which will be saved in your Song Library.  Some songs may still require that we email them to you  if we have not yet obtained the licenses from the copyright holders to offer them as downloads.  But the song file will be linked to the song in your Song Library, so that when the license is obtained, the song will be downloadable from your Song Library. All songs ordered from the Spreadsheet will either be uploaded or  emailed within 24 hours (usually the same day).

Thank you so much for your patience in this process.

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