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First Line:

One day when man feel from the fold

Songbook: A New Song to Sing - jeffress/phillips Music - Shaped Notes

Page Number: 92

Song Key: F

Language: English

Authors: MKayla Duncan, Brooke Sutton



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1 One day when man fell from the fold,
Lost unto sin and to its strong hold,
So burdened within, cast with despair,
no hope for his soul;
God in His love looked upon him,
knowing in sin, his future was dim,
"Father, I’ll go," was my Savior’s cry.
was my Savior’s cry.

The blood of Calvary came flowing down,
Making the way for the lost
that grace might be found;
My past revised, written in red,
all my dark days no longer I dread,
Washed white as snow,
for now I know
to Heaven I’m bound!
to Heaven I’m bound!

2 To earth He came, willing and true,
He bore my shame, was beaten and bruised,
He carried my cross up Calvary’s hill
still knowing the cost;
Pierced in His side, His hand and feet,
all my debt paid,
God’s will not complete,
Safe evermore with Him to abide,
with Him to abide.

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