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NOT IN ME - Lead Line

First Line:

No list of sins I have not done

Songbook: Reformed Praise

Song Key: C

Language: English

Authors: Eric Schymacher, David L. Ward

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Verse 1
No list of sins I have not one,
no list of virtues I pursue,
no list of those I am not like
can earn myself a place with You.
O God! be merciful to me--
I am a sinner through and through!
My only hope of righteousness
is not in me, but only You.

Verse 2

No humble dress, no fervent prayer,
no lifted hands, no tearful song,
no recitation of the truth
can justify a single wrong.
My righteousness is Jesus' life,
my debt was paid by Jesus' death,
my weary load was borne by Him
and he alone can give me rest.

Verse 3

No separation from the world,
no work I do, no gift I give,
can cleanse my conscience, cleanse my hands;
I cannot cause my soul to live.
But Jesus died and rose again--
the power of death is overthrown!
My God is merciful to me
and merciful in Christ alone!

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