First Line:

In the fish for three days buried,

Songbook: Gray Psalter Hymnal

Page Number: 202

Song Key: G minor

Language: English

Authors: Calvin Seerveld, John Ambrose

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Verse 1

In the fish for three days buried,
I kept calling, ""Save me, LORD!
Keep me from the hellish graveyard,
lost at sea, by you ignored.""
Tossed and turned beneath rough waters,
choking in your whirlpool sea,
I cried out, ""My life is finished!""
But, O LORD, you answered me.

Verse 2

Down to death the waves had pulled me,
down, entombed where none survive.
seaweed round my head was tangled;
water swallowed me alive.
""Is God's face now gone forever?
Have I forfeited God's care?""
No! You saved me from destruction,
raised me, LORD, and heard my prayer.

Verse 3

In despair, afraid of dying,
I implored you anxiously.
Unlike those who shirk their promise,
I bring offerings thankfully.
Take my life I vowed to give you;
bless my joy, and make it known.
Let all know that sure deliverance
comes from God the LORD alone.

Verse 4

In the tomb for three days buried,
Christ had gone to face the worst.
Just as God took care of Jonah,
God raised Jesus as the first.
All who know the Holy Spirit
shall defeat the grip of sin.
Christ has conquered death and Satan:
let the jubilee begin!


  • Calvin Seerveld


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