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PSALM 134 - Lead Line

First Line:

You servants of the Lord our God

Songbook: The Psalm Project

Song Key: E flat, F

Language: English

Authors: St.1, Calvin Seerveld, St. 2-3, Lee Ann Vermeulen-Roberts, Louis Bourgeois

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You servants of the LORD our God,
who work and pray both day and night,
in God's own house lift up your hands
and praise the LORD with all your might.

Lift up your hands in holiness.
Come bless the LORD and give him praise.
Kneel down before the LORD our God
and worship him in all your ways.

The LORD God bless you from his throne,
shine down upon you with his face.
He who created heaven and earth
redeems you with his love and grace.


  • Calvin Seerveld
  • Lee Ann Vermeulen-Roberts


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