EXALTED OVER ALL - Lead Line-ppt

First Line:

From Heaven's throne, You came to us

Songbook: SongSelect compatible

Song Key: G

Language: English

Authors: Jason Ingram, Andi Rozier, Jess Cates



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Verse 1

From Heaven's throne You came to us
And set Your heart upon the cross
We'll never know the sacrifice You made

Verse 2

For all our sin and all our shame
You took the nails and took our place
No one else could do what You have done

Chorus 1

One name is higher
One name is stronger
Than any grave than any throne
Christ exalted over all

Verse 3

From the grave where death would die
You rose again and brought us life
You're reigning now the Savior of the world
You're reigning now the Savior of the world

Chorus 2

The only Savior Jesus Messiah
To You alone our praise belongs
Christ exalted over all


We'll (We) sing Your praise
Sing Your praise
We sing Your praise forever
And lift Your name
We lift Your name
Jesus over all

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