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THE FEAST - Lead Line

First Line:

With wondering eyes, Lord, we admire the feast

Songbook: Cardephonia.org

Song Key: D

Language: English

Authors: William Gadsby, Karl Digerness

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1 With wondering eyes,
Lord, we admire the feast prepared by grace
Come, Lord, and set our souls on fire,
and fill each heart with peace.
These emblems of Thy precious love,
by faith may we receive!
And with a solemn pleasure prove,
we in Thy name believe.

We eat this bread, we drink this wine,
come give yourself to us.
We know you're here, that's why we've come,
to feast on thee with love.

No goodness of our own we bring;
we're sinners vile and base;
Christ is our all; of Christ we sing,
and long to see his face.
O may we each, with heart and tongue
sing, ""Worthy is the Lamb;""
To him alone the praise belongs,
and we'll adore his name. (Chorus)


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