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1000 TONGUES - Lead Line

First Line:

We are a sea of voices, we are an ocean of Your praise

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Song Key: D

Language: English

Authors: Andi Rozier | Chris Tomlin | Jason Ingram | Jonas Myrin | Matt Maher | Matt Redman

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Verse 1
We are a sea of voices
We are an ocean of Your praise
Gathered under one name
We are a tide that's rising
And we cannot be contained
Gathered under one name

O for a thousand tongues to sing
The glories of our Lord God Almighty
O to sing the Savior's praise
A triumph of His grace You are worthy
(You are) (Yes You're so) worthy God

Verse 2
We have found our anthem
At the cross where sin was slain
Gathered under one name
Where ev'ry chain is broken
And ev'ry sorrow swept away
Gathered under one name

With all Heaven sing
And all earth below
One Holy King
One highest throne