First Line:

I waited for the LORD; he stooped and heard my cry.

Songbook: Trinity Psalter Hymnal 2018

Page Number: 40B

Song Key: D minor

Language: English

Authors: "The Book of Psalms for Worship", 2009

Tune Name: FINGAL

Themes: Psalm 40

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1.I waited for the LORD;
he stooped and heard my cry.
He brought me from a pit,
out of the dungeon mire,
my feet set on a rock,
my footsteps made secure.
My lips he gave a song,
a song to praise our God.

2. Many will see with awe,
and so will trust the LORD.
Blest he who trusts the LORD,
and turns not to false men.
LORD, none compares to you,
your thoughts and works, my God!
Should I declare each one,
their number is too great.

3.You seek no offering,
desire no sacrifice;
but you have given me
an opened, ready ear.
You seek no off’rings burnt,
nor sacrifice for sin.
I said, “Behold I come,
as in the book foretold.

4.“To do your will, O God,
is surely my delight;
your law is part of me,
set deep within my heart.”
Good news I have proclaimed,
declared your righteousness
in the assembly great;
you know, LORD, I spoke out.

5.I have not hid in my heart
your saving help and love;
I told your faithfulness
amidst th’assembly great.
Mercy you will not withhold,
your grace will not restrain;
LORD, your unfailing love
will e’er preserve my life.

6.Evils too many to count
have taken hold of me.
Sins have encompassed me;
I cannot see ahead;
their number far exceeds
the hairs upon my head.
Courage is melting fast;
my heart within me fails.

7.Come to my rescue, O LORD;
make haste to bring me help.
Let them be put to shame
who seek to take my life.
Let those who seek my hurt
be turned back in disgrace.
Let those who say, “Aha!”
be overcome with shame.

8.May those who seek you rejoice
and find in you delight;
those who salvation love
say, “Great is God the LORD!”
But I am poor and weak;
the LORD takes thought of me.
You are my help, my Savior;
God, do not delay!

Composer: Traditional Irish melody

Arranger: Leopold L. Dix, 1933

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