First Line:

Yes, God is good to Israel, to ev’ryone whose heart is pure.

Songbook: Trinity Psalter Hymnal 2018

Page Number: 73B

Song Key: C minor

Language: English

Authors: "The Book of Psalms for Worship", 2009


Themes: Psalm 73

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1.Yes, God is good to Israel,
to ev’ryone whose heart is pure.
But as for me, I nearly fell;
my footsteps were no longer sure.
For I was envious of the proud
and wicked ones with wealth endowed.

2.Until their death no pains they know;
their strength is firm from day to day.
They share no part in others’ woe,
nor plagued as other men are they.
They make their necklace arrogance,
and clothe themselves with violence.

3.Their eyes are bulging with excess;
their hearts are full of things they seek.
With threats and malice they oppress.
Disdainful words they proudly speak.
Their mouths against the heavens rage;
their tongue throughout the earth parades.

4.Their people therefore with them turn
to drink from streams that overflow.
“For how,” they say, “can God discern?”
and, “Does the Most High really know?”
Behold, ungodly men are these,
who gain in wealth and live at ease.

5.Then surely I have toiled in vain
to cleanse my heart from all offense,
and vainly from each guilty stain
have washed my hands in innocence.
Still grievous plagues all day I’ve borne,
and I was chastened ev’ry morn.

6. If I would let my thoughts so lead
to speak with doubting words this way,
behold, I then would certainly
the children you have called betray.
But though the facts I tried to see,
the problem deeply troubled me.

7. I entered then God’s dwelling place
and there I understood their end;
you set them in a slippery place,
and to destruction them you send.
How rapidly destroyed are they,
by sudden terrors swept away!

8. As from a dream you, Lord, awake;
then you their image will despise.
When pierced, with heart about to break,
when bitter thoughts within me rise,
I senseless was and blind within;
a beast before you I have been.

9. Yet constantly I am with you;
you’ve taken hold of my right hand.
Your counsel shows me what to do,
and guides me in the things I plan;
and afterward so shall it be,
with honor you will welcome me.

10. Are you not all I have in heav’n?
None else on earth do I desire.
Though human strength will reach an end,
my flesh may fail, my heart expire,
my heart’s strength God himself will be,
my portion through eternity.

11. Those far from you will surely die;
you cause all faithless ones to cease.
But as for me, I will draw nigh.
How good that God is near to me!
I take my refuge in the LORD,
that all your works I may record.