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"Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth...Come into His presence with singing." Psalm 100: 1a, 2

Digital Songs and Hymns' mission is to provide Christian churches and organizations the opportunity to sing Christian songs from the screen by means of projecting these songs WITH NOTES in their worship services. It is our desire through the songs we provide, that congregational singing will improve—that those who have been blessed with the ability to “read music” can use those gifts as the songs WITH NOTES are projected, that harmonies can be sung with confidence, that new songs can be introduced and learned more easily without performance-driven repetition, that our children will be taught the gift of music and note reading as many of us did growing up singing the hymns, and first and foremost, that God will be glorified through our singing!

Digital Songs and Hymns started in 2006 and we have been digitizing songs each week at our customers' requests ever since! EVERY song you see on our website has been requested by our customers. We ONLY digitize songs that honor God and are true to His Word--the Word handed down through the ages--the Word that is inerrant, infallible and is TRUTH.

We love the Lord, we love singing His praises and we are so blessed to digitize songs WITH NOTES for thousands of worshipers around the world who are blessed to do the same! And we thank you for the privilege of providing these songs for your worship services!

We have recently been granted licenses to provide PDFs of copyrighted songs for those who wish to use these songs for personal use or for church use without projection. We are excited to make more songs available in this "new to us" format and thank you for your patience as we work out the details.