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Song Request – Effective 4/1/19

  • Customers must have an account with the Digital Songs and Hymns.
  • Request your song using the form below. If the song is from a source other than a "current" hymnal, please attach the music with your request.
  • Song prices will be determined according to the chart below. We will invoice you via PayPal. Upon receipt of payment, the song will be digitized within 10 days and uploaded to your Song Library. You will get a notification when it has been uploaded.
  • "Prepaid Discounts" DO NOT APPLY to Song Requests

A - $ 4.99 – All Public Domain Songs and Copyrighted Songs less than 8 lines

B - $ 6.99 – Copyrighted Hymns

C - $ 8.99 – Copyrighted Songs with Bridges/Descants–less than 30 lines (phrases)

D -$10.99 – Copyrighted Songs with Bridges/Descants–more than 30 lines/phrases (i.e. PraiseCharts, SongSelect, Lifewayworship, etc.)

E - $19.99 - Individual Songs—Songs digitized ONLY for your church/organization (songs that will not be uploaded to our website.)

After reviewing the music, we may determine the cost to be less than the price listed above. We will never invoice you for more. You are under NO obligation to purchase a song you request. If the invoice is not paid within 5 days, we will delete the invoice and the Song Request.

Any questions, please contact us.

Thank you so much for your support!

Customers must have an account to be able to order Song Requests.

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