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GRACE - Lead Line

First Line:

Your grace that leads the sinner home

Songbook: SongSelect compatible

Song Key: C

Language: English

Authors: Niki Shepherd, Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson



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Your grace that leads the sinner home
From death to life forever
And sings the song of righteousness
By blood and not by merit

Your grace that reaches far and wide
To ev’ry tribe and nation
Has called my heart to enter in
The joy of Your salvation


By grace I am redeemed
By grace I am restored
And now I freely walk into
The arms of Christ, my Lord

Your grace that I cannot explain
Not by my earthly wisdom
The Prince of life, without a stain
Was traded for this sinner

(Repeat Chorus)

Let praise rise up and overflow
My song resound forever
For grace will see me welomed home
To walk beside my Savior

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