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First Line:

For the rising of the sun.

Songbook: gregscheer.com

Song Key: D

Language: English

Authors: Greg Scheer

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1 For the rising of the sun.
For the moon in the night sky.
for the turning of the earth.
For the water, wind, and fire.

We worship You. We worship You.
We worship You. We worship (You).

2 For the breath which fills our lungs.
For the light which fills our eyes.
For the life which fills our souls.
For Your love which never dies.

3 For each blessing from Your hand.
For each trial we endure.
For a place to lay our heads.
For a hope that is secure.

4. For the day that is to come
when we’ll kneel before Your throne.
For our precious Savior’s blood
which has claimed us for His own.

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  • Greg Scheer


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