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First Line:

I’m looking away beyond the dark stream

Songbook: Songs of Faith - Double Oak Press

Page Number: 316

Song Key: D flat

Language: English

Authors: Frank White

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1 I’m looking away beyond the dark stream
To Heaven’s fair home of which I oft dream;
There millions have gone, its glory to share,
Get ready, my friend, to live over there.

That Heavenly home lies over death’s sea,
There loved ones I know are waiting for me;
With Jesus we’ll live in glory divine
That Heavenly home will surely be mine.

2 That wonderful home will never be sold
We’ll ever live there, where no one grows old;
The city’s bright spires the sun will outshine,
With all of the saved, that home shall be mine.

3 That Heavenly home has mansions of light
No storm clouds will rise, no shadows of night;
No sorrow, no pain, all sin will be gone,
We’ll live with the Lord while ages roll on.

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