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First Line:

I was kneeling one day

Songbook: Songs of Faith - Double Oak Press

Page Number: 68

Song Key: F

Language: English

Authors: George T. Speer

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Verse 1
I was kneeling one day
Asking God to forgive me
(Humbly I prayed)
I was deep in despair
Had no peace within
(Had no peace within)
I surrendered my all
Unto Jesus the Savior
(Bless His dear name)
Then the glory came down
I was saved from sin
(I was saved from sin)

O the glory did roll
(O the glory did roll)
I was happy and free
(I was happy and free)
I had heard a sweet voice
(I had heard a sweet voice)
Speak pardon to me
(Speak pardon to me)
Such a wonderful joy
(Such a wonderful joy)
I was given within
(I was given within)
When the Savior in love
(When the Savior in love)
Saved me from all sin
(Saved me from all sin)

Verse 2
I will praise His dear name
For the wonderful vict’ry
(Down in my soul)
And the joy in my heart
All along the way
(All along the way)
I am longing to see
Heaven’s glorious city
(Streets of pure gold)
And to hear the Lord call
Come and live for aye
(Come and live for aye)

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