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WHAT A HAPPY TIME - Shaped Notes

First Line:

Sorrows often meet us here

Songbook: Songs of Faith - Double Oak Press

Page Number: 248

Song Key: B flat

Language: English

Authors: J. M. Henson, J. T. Cook



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1 Sorrows often meet us here,
Burdens press us so,
And the way is hard to see
That we have to go,
But we press along in faith
To our home above,
Letting Jesus lead us on,
Resting in His love.

What a happy time ’twill be
When we all get home,
Over by the crystal sea,
Nevermore to roam;
In that homeland of the soul,
Where the joy-bells chime,
Singing while the ages roll,
What a happy time.

2 We will labor, watch and pray,
As we go along,
Letting Jesus lead the way,
Keeping courage strong,
Knowing that we shall reach home
By His grace sublime,
When we are all gathered there,
What a happy time.

3 Come and join us on our march
To that happy place,
Where we shall extol our Lord,
Looking on His face,
Sharing all the joys up there
In that sunny clime,
Praising Jesus evermore,
What a happy time.

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