First Line:

Blessed Jesus, can You bear once again to hear my prayer

Songbook: andygleiser.com/hymns

Song Key: G

Language: English

Authors: Andy Gleiser, Mia Nichole Ray



Includes Wide Format!

1 Blessed Jesus, can You bear
once again to hear my prayer?
Sin betrayed me as You said,
stole away the joy instead.
Such a foolish heart have I
to believe sin satisfies.
I confess my errant view,
Blessed Jesus, I need You!

2 Blessed Jesus, why would you
cleanse and pardon me anew?
I’ve done evil in Your sight,
You are purest holy ight;
Yet for me You were condemned;
why I cannot comprehend.
How I hate the wrong I do,
Blessed Jesus, I want You!

3 Blessed Jesus, will you not
have the blood unstain this blot?
Every place my sin is found,
greater grace from you abounds.
Nevermore let me forget
what it cost to pay my debt.
By Your grace I will be true,
Blessed Jesus, I love You!

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