BACK TO THE FATHER - Lead Line-ppt

First Line:

While I was far away

Songbook: SongSelect compatible

Song Key: A

Language: English

Authors: Joshua Dufrene, Colin Edge, David Binion



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Verse 1
While I was far away
You were listening listening for my call
In the midst of my mistakes
You were waiting for me waiting to catch my fall
Now I’m coming to myself I realize I was wrong
I confess I need your help I will arise and go

Chorus 1
I’m going back to the Father back to the One
Who offers forgiveness for all that I’ve done
As He runs to embrace me He calls me His son
And I’m home

Verse 2
I was stumbling in the dark
You were whispering whispering to my heart
Then You saw me from afar
You came running for me running with open arms

Chorus 2
So I’m going back to the Father back to the place
Where all of my sin and shame is erased
By His unfailing love and unending grace
And I’m home

I am loved by You You approve of me I am home
I have found in You my identity I am home

There’s a ring on my hand a robe on my shoulders
You called me Your son when I thought it was over
Now I’m home now I’m home
I dance with my family celebrate with friends
The son that was lost has come home again
Now I’m home I am home for Jesus
Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling
Calling for you calling for me come home

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