First Line:

Living for Jesus a life that is true

Songbook: Hymnal for Worship & Celebration

Page Number: 372

Song Key: F

Language: English

Authors: Thomas O. Chisholm, C. Harold Lowden

Tune Name: LIVING

Themes: Commitment and consecration

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1 Living for Jesus a life that is true,
striving to please him in all that I do,
yielding allegiance glad hearted and free
this is the pathway of blessing for me.

O Jesus, Lord and Savior,
I give myself to Thee,
for Thou in Thy atonement
didst give Thyself for me.
I own no other master
my heart shall be Thy throne:
my life I give, henceforth to live,
O Christ, for Thee alone.

2 Living for Jesus, who died in my place,
bearing on Calvary my sin and disgrace:
such love constrains me to answer his call,
follow his leading, and give him my all. [Refrain]

3 Living for Jesus wherever I am,
doing each duty in his holy name,
Willing to suffer affliction and loss,
Deeming each trial a part of my cross. Refrain

4 living for jesus through earth's little while,
My dearest treasure, the light of His smile;
seeking the lost ones he died to redeem,
bringing the weary to find rest in him. [Refrain]