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First Line:

Merciful God, all-abounding in love

Songbook: SongSelect compatible

Song Key: E flat

Language: English

Authors: Eugene Greco, Gerrit Gustafson, Don Moen

Themes: Mercy, Love, Forgiveness



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1 Merciful God, all abounding in love
faithful to all who draw near You;
Hearing the cries of the humble in heart,
showing the Cross they may cling to.
Broken I come, helpless to sin;
only Your grace can release me.
Father, forgive, may my sin be remembered no more.

2 Merciful God, all abounding in love
faithful, though often we fail You.
Loving the world and betraying the poor;
silent when we should defend Truth.
Spirit of God, soften my heart;
with love that flows from forgiveness.
Father, forgive; may I testify grace to the world.

3 Merciful God, all abounding in love;
faithful through all generations.
Longing to save with the power of grace,
channelling through Your creation.
Conquer our pride, open our mouths;
ready our feet with Your Gospel.
Father, forgive, may our ways speak the mercy of God.

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