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First Line:

And I cry holy, holy, holy God

Songbook: Contemporary Songs for Worship

Page Number: 11

Song Key: G

Language: English

Authors: Mark Altrogge

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Chorus 1

And I cry holy holy holy God
How awesome is Your name
Holy holy holy God
How majestic is Your reign
And I am changed
In the presence of a holy God

Verse 1

In the presence of a holy God
There's new meaning now to grace
You took all my sins upon Yourself
I can only stand amazed

Verse 2

In the presence of Your infinite might
I'm so small and frail and weak
When I see Your pow'r and wisdom Lord
I have no words left to speak

Verse 3

In the presence of Your glory
All my crowns lie in the dust
You are righteous in Your judgments Lord
You are faithful true and just


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