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PSALM 107 - Lead Line

First Line:

Give thanks unto the Lord our God.

Songbook: Church Hymnary

Page Number: 71

Song Key: F minor

Language: English

Authors: Merla Watson; The Scottish Psalter

Tune Name: WATSON

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1 Give thanks unto the Lord our God.
How good and kind is he
whose tender mercy shall endure
through all eternity.
Let God's redeemed repeat these words
and give him thanks and praise
who rescued them from hostile hands,
preserved them all their days.

2 He gathered them from out the lands,
from north, south, east, and west.
They strayed in desert's pathless way,
no city found to rest.
Their weary soul within then faints
when thirst and hunger press;
in trouble then they cried to God;
he saved them from distress.

3 He made the way before them straight,
and he became their guide,
that they might to a city go
wherein they might abide.
Let all the children of the Lord
now praise him for his grace,
and for the works of wonder done
in every time and place!

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