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OUT OF ASHES - Lead Line

First Line:

Out of ashes prayers are lifted

Songbook: Baptist Hymnal 2008/The Worship Hymnal

Page Number: 497

Song Key: C

Language: English

Authors: Paul Marino, Greg Nelson

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Verse 1

Out of ashes prayers are lifted
From the weary mourner's call
Broken hearts are being mended
Jesus' stripes can heal them all

Chorus 1

Out of ashes into freedom
Out of dying into life
See the joy that's set before us
In the blinding cross of Christ

Verse 2

Out of ashes sinners finding
Mercy hope and righteousness
Revel in their newfound passion
Worshiping in thankfulness

Verse 3

Out of ashes He is risen
Seated with the heavenly host
Clouds of witnesses are praising
Father Son and Holy Ghost