First Line:

Live into hpe of captives freed

Songbook: Presbyterian Hymnal

Page Number: 332

Song Key: C

Language: English

Authors: Thomas O. Chisholm, C. Harold Lowden



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1 Live into hope of captives freed,
Of sight regained, the end of greed.
The oppressed shall be the first to see
The year of God's own jubilee!

2 Live into hope the blind shall see
With insight and with clarity,
Removing shades of pride and fear--
A vision of our God brought near.

3 Live into hope of liberty,
The right to speak the right to be,
The right to have one's daily bread,
To hear God's word and thus be fed.

4 Live into hope of captives freed
From chains of fear or want or greed.
God now proclaims our full release
To faith and hope and joy and peace.

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