First Line:

My soul, recall with reverent wonder

Songbook: Gray Psalter Hymnal

Page Number: 153

Song Key: F

Language: English

Authors: John Haynes Holmes, William Lloyd


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153 The Ten Commandments

1 My soul, recall with reverent wonder
how God amid the fire and smoke
proclaimed his holy law with thunder
from Sinai's mountain when he spoke:

2 ""I am the LORD, your God and Sovereign,
who out of bondage set you free,
who saved you from the land of Egypt.
Then serve no other gods but me.

3 ""You shall not bow to graven idols,
for I, a jealous God, your LORD,
shall punish sin in those who hate me,
but love all those who keep my Word.

4 ""The LORD is God; his name is holy.
Do not his holiness profane.
God surely will not hold them guiltless
who take his holy name in vain.

5 ""Remember, keep the Sabbath holy,
the day God sanctified and blessed.
Six days you shall do all your labor,
but on the seventh you shall rest.

6 ""Honor your father and mother;
obey the LORD your God's command,
that you may dwell secure and prosper
with length of days upon the land.

7 ""You shall not hate or kill your neighbor.
Do not commit adultery.
You shall not steal from one another
nor testify untruthfully.

8 ""You shall not covet the possessions
your neighbors value as their own;
home, wife or husband, all their treasures
you shall respect as theirs alone.""

9 Teach us, LORD God, to love your precepts,
the good commandments of your law.
Give us the grace to keep your statutes
with thankfulness and proper awe.


  • Faith Alive Chr. Res.


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