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SEE THE STAR - Lead Line

First Line:

See the star pierce the darkness,

Songbook: RESOUNDworship.org

Song Key: B flat

Language: English

Authors: Matt Osgood, Matt Weeks, Dan Weeks

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See the star
pierce the darkness,
shining hope to all the earth.
See the sky
blaze with glory,
angels praise the saviour's birth,
See the joy,
shepherds worship,
amazed at all that they have seen.
See the hope,
wise men journey,
bringing treasures to the King.
See the dawning of the Son,
darkness flees for love has come.
The power of death will be undone:
Christ is born!
See the trust,
humble Mary
gazes at her Saviour's face.
See the love
freely given,
Christ reveals the Father's grace.
God with us in flesh and blood,
giving up his throne above,
here to save us by his love:
Christ is born!