First Line:

There is a Light who casts out darkness, fear, and sin

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Song Key: C

Language: English

Authors: Adam Morgan

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1 There is a Light who casts out darkness, fear, and sin.
He is the Christ, the long-awaited hope of man.
In death He bought the souls of sinners dead in sin.
In resurrection, He gave life to them.


He said, ""Arise!"" and death gave way to life.
He said, ""Awake!"" and blind eyes woke to sight.
He said, ""Come out!"" and the tomb was filled with light.
He said, ""Forgiven"" and gave eternal life.

2 He touched my heart and taught me love I'd never known.
He took my hand, forever making me His own.
He gave me drink, and living waters filled my soul.
He found me lost and brought me to His home.

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