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First Line:

Alleluia! Jesus is risen!

Songbook: Praise God in the Heights

Page Number: 26

Song Key: G

Language: English

Authors: Herbert F. Brokering, David N. Johnson


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1 Alleluia! Jesus is risen!
Trumpets resounding in glorious light!
Splendor, the Lamb, heaven forever!
Oh, what a miracle God has in sight!

Jesus is risen and we shall arise:
give God the glory! Alleluia!

2 Walking the way, Christ in the center,
telling the story to open our eyes;
breaking our bread, giving us glory:
Jesus, our blessing, our constant surprise. Chorus

3 Jesus the vine, we are the branches;
life in the Spirit the fruit of the tree;
heaven to earth, Christ to the people,
gift of the future now flowing to me. Chorus

4 Weeping, be gone; sorrow be silent:
death put asunder, and Easter is bright.
Cherubim sing: ""O grave, be open!""
Clothe us in wonder, adorn us in light. Chorus

5 City of God, Easter forever,
golden Jerusalem, Jesus the Lamb,
river of life, saints and archangels,
sing with creation to God the I AM! Chorus

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Descant on 5th verse.

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