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IN UNITY WE LIFT OUR SONG - Without descant

First Line:

In unity we lift our song of grateful adoration

Songbook: The Faith We Sing

Page Number: 2221

Language: English

Authors: Ken Medema, Martin Luther


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1 In unity we lift our song
of grateful adoration,
for brothers brave and sisters strong.
What cause for celebration!
For those whose faithfulness
has kept us through distress,
who've shared with us our plight,
who've held us in the night,
the blessed congregation.

2 For stories told and told again
to every generation,
to give us strength in time of pain,
to give us consolation.
Our spirits to revive
to keep our dreams alive,
when we are far from home
and evil seasons come;
how firm is our foundation.

3 For sacred scriptures handed down,
a blessed trust and treasure,
which give us hope when hope is gone
and make us weep with pleasure.
And when our eyes grow blind
and death is close behind,
we shall recite them still
whose words our hearts can fill
with hope beyond all measure.

4 For God our way, our bread, our rest,
of all these gifts the Giver.
Our strength, our guide, our nurturing breast
whose hand will yet deliver.
Who keeps us till the day
when night shall pass away,
when hate and fear are gone
and all our work is done,
and we shall sing forever.

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