First Line:

Do you trust Me as your Guide

Songbook: andygleiser.com/hymns

Song Key: E flat

Language: English

Authors: Andy Gleiser, Reba Snyder

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1 Do you trust Me as your Guide
though My path for you is steep?
Will you lean on your own way,
or resolve to follow Me?
I am still your Shepherd King
who has led you with My love;
Since I see beyond your view,
surely trust Me, faltering one.

2 Do you trust Me as your Rock
while the storm still rages on?
Every day new mercies grow,
every night I give a song.
Since I reign as Prince of Peace,
set your mind on things above.
Everlasting strength is Mine;
fully trust Me, wearied one.

3 Will you trust Me with your life
when you face your final hour,
Soon to leave this broken world,
destined for My jasper tower?
I am He who once was dead,
now alive--My suffering done!
You will live for I arose;
come be with Me, favored one.

Additional Information

Andy and Reba have graciously consented to offer this song at no cost. Permission for this song can be obtained by emailing Andy Gleiser at [email protected]. A PDF of the song is also available free of charge at www.andygleiser.com

Includes Wide Format PowerPoint file!

Updated Format! Beginning in November of 2016, we changed the way we formatted our PowerPoint files. The font is larger and the staff lines are bolder, making the songs easier to read from a greater distance, including smaller screens/monitors in the rear of the sanctuary.

All songs digitized previous to that date are in the "older" format.


  • Andy Gleiser/Reba Snyder