First Line:

Behold the King in tiny infancy

Songbook: andygleiser.com/hymns

Song Key: F

Language: English

Authors: Andy Gleiser, Greg Habegger

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1 Behold the King in tiny infancy
As Magi fell before His majesty.
The time had come for David's promised Heir
To free us from the grip of Satan's snare.

So we will bow before our worthy King,
And we will vow to give Him everything.
We take our cross and follow all our days;
We worship Him with lives of grateful praise.
We will live for Christ the King.

2 Behold the King in bloody pageantry
A worthless crown to scorn His royalty.
In Pilate's hall He claimed no earthly throne;
He reigned supreme as Lord in hearts alone. (Chorus)

3 Behold the King in true humility,
Abused by men upon that cursed tree.
He would endure the darkness of our shame
To die our death and magnify His name. (Chorus)

4 Behold the King for all eternity
Enthroned on high in total sovereignty.
He entertains no rival to His crown;
The world is His! All praise to Him resound! (Chorus)

Additional Information

Andy and Greg have graciously consented to offer this song at no cost. Permission for this song can be obtained by emailing Andy Gleiser at [email protected]. A PDF is also available at www.andygleiser.com

Updated Format! Beginning in November of 2016, we changed the way we formatted our PowerPoint files. The font is larger and the staff lines are bolder, making the songs easier to read from a greater distance, including smaller screens/monitors in the rear of the sanctuary.

All songs digitized previous to that date are in the "older" format.


  • Andy Gleiser/Greg Habegger