First Line:

From the splendid courts of heaven, Jesus saw my misery

Songbook: andygleiser.com/hymns

Song Key: C

Language: English

Authors: Andy Gleiser, Greg Habegger

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1 From the splendid courts of heaven,
Jesus saw my misery;
Thus He took my death upon Him
And gave all His life to me.
In the cross of Christ I glory;
It was there my sin was tried.
He declared my soul not guilty
By the grace His wound provide.

Grace amazing! Grace sustaining!
Grace unveiling Christ above.
Grace astounding! Grace abounding!
Grace surrounding me in love.
Grace surrounding me in love.

2 In the bitter wake of failure,
Bound by guilt I cannot stand,
Though unworthy, I find favor
As I view His nail-scarred hands.
In the cross of Christ I glory,
For His blood remains my plea;
By His all-forgiving mercy
He gives grace relentlessly. - Chorus

3 When Almighty God feels distant,
Far beyond my hurting heart,
There is healing in His silence,
For he's near me in the dark.
In the cross of Christ I glory;
He endured my blackest night,
Yet today His grave is empty;
I find grace in risen light. - Chorus

Additional Information

Andy and Greg have graciously consented to offer this song at no cost. Permission for this song can be obtained by emailing Andy Gleiser at [email protected]. A PDF is also available at www.andygleiser.com

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  • Andy Gleiser/Greg Habegger