First Line:

Don't drop a single anchor

Songbook: Caryn Boelema Arrangement

Song Key: E flat

Language: English

Authors: Matt Papa, Matt Boswell, Lauren Papa

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Verse 1

Don't drop a single anchor
We're almost home
Through every toil and danger
We're almost home
How many pilgrim saints have before us gone
No stopping now
We're almost home

Verse 2

The promised land is calling
We're almost home
And not a tear shall fall then
We're almost home
Make ready now your souls for that kingdom come
No turning back
We're almost home


Almost home
We're almost home
So press on t'ward that blessed shore
Oh praise the Lord
We're almost home

Verse 3

This journey ours together
We're almost home
Unto that great forever
We're almost home
What song anew we'll sing 'round that happy throne
Come faint of heart
We're almost home

Verse 4

This life is just a vapor
We're almost home
That sun is setting yonder
We're almost home
Take courage for this darkness shall break to dawn
Oh lift your eyes
We're almost home

Arranger: Caryn Boelema

Publisher: Getty Music Hymns and Songs, Getty Music Publishing, Love Your Enemies, Messenger Hymns

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