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First Line:

I take the cross of Jesus Christ

Songbook: WorshipRx.com

Song Key: E minor

Language: English

Authors: R. G. Huff


Themes: Lent

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1 I take the cross of Jesus Christ
in ashes on my face.
This ancient symbol made in dust
reminds me of God's grace.
I beg for mercy from my Lord,
to cleanse me deep within.
I know myself, my faulty life,
my tendency toward sin.

2 O cross of ashes, speak again
in ways I understand;
Speak forth repentance, let me know
forgiveness from your hand.
Have mercy on us, Lord, we pray;
look deep within, and find
our hearts made whole, our thoughts made pure,
our eyes no longer blind.

3 This cross of ashes on my brow
reminds me life is brief.
From dust I came, to dust I go
through sorrow, pain, and grief.
These forty days are set aside
for those who share the call
To take the cross, deny themselves,
and give to Christ their all.

Additional Information

This song is graciously offered free of charge by R. J. Huff, copyright holder of the lyrics. The tune is Public Domain!

Composer: Traditional English melody

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  • R. G. Huff