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First Line:

Day of arising, Christ on the roadway

Songbook: Worship & Song

Page Number: 3086

Song Key: C

Language: English

Authors: Susan Palo Cherwien


Themes: Christ's life

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1 Day of arising, Christ on the roadway
unknown companion walks with his own.
When they invite him, as fades the first day,
and bread is broken, Christ is made known.

2 When we are walking, doubtful and dreading,
blinded by sadness, slowness of heart,
yet Christ walks with us ever awaiting
our invitation: Stay, do not part.

3 "Lo, I am with you," Jesus has spoken.
This is Christ's promise, this is Christ's sign:
when the church gathers, when bread is broken,
there Christ is with us in bread and wine.

4 Christ our companion, hope for the journey,
bread of compassion, open our eyes.
Grant us your vision, set all hearts burning
that all creation with you may rise.

Composer: Gaelic melody

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