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EMBRACE - Lead Line

First Line:

You know the plans You have for us To prosper us and keep us from harm

Songbook: truevinemusic.com

Song Key: F

Language: English

Authors: Michael A. Schmid

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Verse 1

You know the plans You have for us
To prosper us and keep us from harm
To give us hope for a future
Embraced by Your mighty right arm
Tomorrow dawns as a gift from You
Your blessing flows anew


Embraced by Your mercy
Embraced by Your cross
Bringing joy in our sorrow
And victory to loss
We embrace Your mission
Sent forth by Your grace
For it's Your hand we cling to
And Your future we embrace

Verse 2

We call on You as we come to You
We know You hear us when we pray
It's You we seek with all our heart
And we find You in the words You say
Dispel the clouds of doubt away
Oh speak Your promise today


Here in this place
Here by Your grace
We seek Your face O Jesus
We answer Your call
Before You we fall
Surrender it all O Jesus
All of our plans
It's all in Your hands
It's all in Your hands

Includes Wide Format PowerPoint file!

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All songs digitized previous to that date are in the "older" format.


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