First Line:

Father, lead me day by day,

Songbook: Majesty Hymns - Majesty Music

Page Number: 122

Song Key: C

Language: English

Authors: John Page Hopps

Tune Name: MELINDA

Themes: God's guidance and care

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1 Father, lead me day by day,
Ever in Thy loving way.
May my life be pure and true,
Show me what I ought to do.

2 When I'm tempted to do wrong,
Make me steadfast, wise, and strong;
And when all alone I stand,
Shield me with Thy mighty hand.

3 As I travel on life's sea,
Help me to remember Thee,
Happy most of all to know
That my Father loves me so.

4 May I do the good I know,
Be Thy loving child below,
Then at last go home to Thee,
Evermore Thy child to be.

Composer: Shelly Hamilton

Publisher: Majesty Music, Inc.

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All songs digitized previous to that date are in the "older" format.


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