First Line:

Giving thanks, redeemed from trouble

Songbook: Led By Love

Page Number: 33

Song Key: B flat

Language: English

Authors: Levon Bayler

Tune Name: BEECHER

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1 Giving thanks, redeemed from trouble,
We,m your people, gather here.
With your steadfast love, surround us,
God, whose care is ever near.
You have fed us, healed our sickness,
Met us in our deep distress,
Save us now from self-destruction;
Draw us near to calm and bless.

2 We admit our grim impatience
When the wilderness seems long,
When we wander, drained of purpose,
Facing days and nights of wrong.
Following the world's distractions
Brings no comfort that abides.
Dead through sin, we reach for mercy
That your love in Christ provides.

3 May your light expose the evil
That so often lurks within.
Come, forgive us, and deliver
All your children from their sin.
We would sacrifice to thank you,
As your peace expands our powers.
Raise us up with Christ in glory;
Let eternal life be ours.