First Line:

God the Father's only Son And with him glory one

Songbook: Our Great Redeemer's Praise

Page Number: 639

Song Key: G

Language: English

Authors: Samuel Stone; adapt. Julie Tennent

Tune Name: DIX

Themes: Article 2 - Apostles' Creed

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Verse 1

God the Father's only Son
yet with him glory one
One in wisdom one in might
Absolute and infinite
Jesus I believe in thee
Thou art Lord and God to me

Verse 2

Preacher of eternal peace
the anointed to release
unto sinners chained before,
flinging wide the dungeon door.
Jesus I believe in thee
Christ the Prophet sent to me

Verse 3

Low in deep Gethsemane
High on dreadful Calvary
In the garden on the cross
Making good our utter loss
Jesus I believe in thee
Priest and Sacrifice for me

Verse 4

Ruler of thy ransomed race
And protector by thy grace
Leader through the way we wend,
and Rewarder at the end.
Jesus I believe in thee
Christ the King of kings to me

Verse 5

Light revealed through clouds of pain,
That the blind might see again;
Love content in death to lie,
That the dead might never die:
Jesus, I believe in Thee,
Light and Love and Life to me.

Verse 6

All that I would want to know
While I watch and wait below:
All that I would find above,
Length and depth and height of love:
Jesus, I believe in Thee,
Thou are All in All to me.

Composer: Conrad Kocher

Arranger: W. H. Monk

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  • Public Domain
  • Julie Tennent