First Line:

O Lord we pray thy will be done Or master here am I

Songbook: Majesty Hymns - Majesty Music

Page Number: 308

Song Key: A flat

Language: English

Authors: Mac Lynch

Tune Name: VENEZIA

Themes: Life in Christ

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Verse 1

O Lord we pray thy will be done
Or master here am I
We pray You'd do a mighty work that
To the flesh we'd die
And when the answer comes to us
In form of trial and test
We fail to see Your loving hand
Refining fire is best


God's refining fire
God's refining fire
May it purge me now and
Make me what you require
O Lord feed the fire Your
Refining fire refining fire
Now as gold and silver must be tried
Lord may my heart be purified
Lord send Your great refining fire

Verse 2

That I may stand when You appear
Abide 'til Your return
O place the fire perfectly that
All the dross be burned
Whether furnace of affliction
Lord or unfulfilled desire
Bring forth a vessel pure and tried
By Your refining fire

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