First Line:

Be of good courage God spake unto Joshua

Songbook: SongSelect compatible

Song Key: G

Language: English

Authors: Oscar C. Eliason



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Verse 1

Be of good courage
God spake unto Joshua
When o'er the river
God pointed the way
Jordan uncrossable
Things seemed impossible
Waters divide
As they march and obey


Got any rivers
You think are uncrossable
Got any mountains
You can't tunnel through
God specializes in
Things tho't impossible
He does the things
Others cannot do

Verse 2

Battles to win
They would meet
With their obstacles
Jericho's walls too
Must fall to the ground
God never failed
He stood back of His promises
Walls had to crumble
As they marched around

Verse 3

God is the same
And His Word is dependable
He'll make a way
Thru the waters for you
Life's situations
By Him are amendable
Mountains and hills
He will part for you too

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