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First Line:

Hope of the world O Christ of great compassion

Songbook: Chalice Hymnal

Page Number: 538

Song Key: D

Language: English

Authors: Georgia Harkness

Tune Name: VICAR

Themes: Faith

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Verse 1

Hope of the world
O Christ of great compassion
Speak to our fearful hearts
By conflict rent
Save us your people
From consuming passion
Who by our own false hopes
And aims are spent

Verse 2

Hope of the world
God's gift from highest heaven
Bringing to hungry
Souls the bread of life
Still let your Spirit
Unto us be given
To heal earth's wounds
And end its bitter strife

Verse 3

Hope of the world
Afoot on dusty highways
Showing to wandering
Souls the path of light
Walk now beside us
Lest the tempting byways
Lure us away from you
To endless night

Verse 4

Hope of the world
Who by your cross did save us
From death and dark despair
From sin and guilt
We render back the
Love your mercy gave us
Take now our lives
And use them as you will

Verse 5

Hope of the world
O Christ o'er death victorious
Who by this sign did
Conquer grief and pain
We would be faithful
To your gospel glorious
You are our Christ and
You forever reign

Composer: V. Earle Copes

Publisher: Words: Hope Publishing; Music: United Methodist Publishing House

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