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First Line:

How blest are they whose trespass

Songbook: gracemusic.us

Song Key: F

Language: English

Authors: The Psalter, 1912, alt.


Themes: Psalms

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How blest are they whose trespass
has freely been forgiv'n,
whose sins are wholly covered
before the sight of heav'n.
Blest they to whom the Lord God
does not impute their sin,
who have a guileless spirit,
whose heart is true within.

While I kept guilty silence,
my strength was spent with grief;
Your hand was heavy on me,
my soul found no relief.
But when I owned my trespass,
and did not hide my sin,
then You forgave my guilt, Lord,
restored my life within.

So let the godly seek You
in times when You are near;
no surging floods shall reach them,
or cause their heart to fear.
O Lord, You are my Refuge,
You are my hiding place,
and You surround me always
with songs of saving grace.

"I graciously will teach you
the way that you should go,
and, with My eye upon you,
help you My counsel know.
So do not be unruly
or slow to understand;
be not perverse, but willing
to heed My wise command!"

The sorrows of the wicked
increase from year to year,
but those who trust the Lord God
know love instead of fear.
Then in the Lord be joyful,
in song lift up your voice;
be glad in God, you righteous:
rejoice, O saints, rejoice!

Composer: Chr├ętien Urhan, 1834

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