First Line:

I waited long upon the LORD; he stooped and heard my cry.

Songbook: Trinity Psalter Hymnal 2018

Page Number: 40A

Song Key: F

Language: English

Authors: OPC/URCNA 2016

Tune Name: ANCYRA

Themes: Psalm 40

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1.I waited long upon the LORD;
he stooped and heard my cry.
He drew me from destruction’s pit
and from the boggy mire.
He set my feet upon a rock,
and steadfast made my ways.
He put within my mouth a new
and joyful song of praise.

2. And many, seeing me restored,
will trust the LORD and fear.
How blest the man who makes the LORD
his trust and refuge sure,
who turns not to the arrogant,
to those who follow lies,
to those who turn away from truth,
but on the LORD relies.

3.O LORD our God, how many are
the wonders you have done!
How many are the gracious thoughts
which you to us have shown!
LORD, no one can compare with you;
I will your works proclaim
and tell of all your wondrous deeds,
whose number none can name.

4.In sacrifice and offering
you take no great delight.
You seek no sacrifice for sin,
no off’ring is required.
You gave to me an open ear,
and then I said, “Behold,
I come, O LORD, as in the book
was written and foretold.

5.“To do your will, O LORD my God,
is surely my delight.
Your law is deep within my heart
and precious in my sight.”
Within your great assembly your
deliv’rance I’ve proclaimed;
you know, O LORD, in praising you
my lips are not restrained.

6.My heart has never hidden, LORD,
your great deliverance;
your faithfulness, O LORD, and your
salvation I announce.
Your steadfast love and faithfulness
I always have revealed,
and from the great assembly they
have never been concealed.

7.O LORD, you will not keep away
your steadfast love from me;
your mercy and your faithfulness
preserve me constantly.
For countless evils hemmed me in,
I cannot see ahead;
my sins are greater far than all
the hairs upon my head.

8. My sins have overtaken me,
my heart within me fades.
Be pleased, O LORD, to rescue me!
O help me, LORD, make haste.
Bring shame on all my enemies,
who seek to take my life.
Let those be turned and brought to shame
who in my woe delight.

9.Let all who say “Aha!” to me
be overcome with shame,
but all who seek you now be glad,
rejoicing in your name.
May those who love your saving help
proclaim unceasingly,
“How great the LORD! and greatly praised
the LORD will always be.”

10.My lowly state and bitter need
have come before the LORD.
He graciously takes thought of me;
my cry for help he heard.
My helper and deliverer,
to you I plead and pray.
My help, my Savior, come to me!
My God, do not delay!

Composer: Benjamin C. Unseld

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