First Line:

My heart desires to find the prize

Songbook: TheWilds.org

Song Key: C

Language: English

Authors: Matt Taylor

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Verse 1

My heart desires to find the prize
That truly satisfies
It searches long through wealth or fame
But finds just empty lies
This journey leads to only One
Who’s meant to meet my need
His name is Jesus King of kings
Through Him I have been freed


Jesus is greater than any wealth achieved
Jesus is brighter than fame received
Jesus is stronger than sin’s captivity
Jesus is better He’s all I need

Verse 2

The treasures of this earth
Bring pleasure soon to all expire
Betraying everyone
By leaving unfulfilled desire
But heaven’s greatest joy
Is found in only Jesus Christ
Eternal life is offered
Now through all He sacrificed

Verse 3

In Jesus now my heart can rest
And lay each weight aside
To run the race He’s giv’n
And keep Him as my only prize
His grace alone sustains me
So I never will resign
To be like Him through trial and test
And cross the finish line

Publisher: The Wilds Christian Association

Includes Wide Format PowerPoint file!

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