First Line:

LORD, plead my case when I am charged by foes maliciously,

Songbook: Trinity Psalter Hymnal 2018

Page Number: 35

Song Key: G

Language: English

Authors: OPC/URCNA 2016


Themes: Psalm 35

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1.LORD, plead my case when I am charged
by foes maliciously,
and fight for me when they attack
and vent their spite on me.
Take up your shield and rise to help!
And say unto my soul,
“I am salvation unto you.”
With spear, restrain my foe.

2.May those who seek to take my life
endure disgrace and shame;
may those who plot my overthrow
turn back the way they came.
May they like chaff before the wind
be ever driven far;
and let the angel of the LORD
pursue them in the dark.

3.Without a cause, to capture me
they spread and hid their net;
without a cause, to trap my soul
they dug a deadly pit.
Surprise him with destruction, LORD,
and catch him in his net;
ensnare him in his hidden trap;
destroy him in hispit!

4.My soul will then rejoice in God,
exulting in his name.
“OLORD, who is a God like you?”
my heart and soul exclaim.
You give the poor deliverance
from one who is too strong;
you save the poor and weak from those
who rob and do them wrong.

5.Malicious witnesses arise
and falsely slander me;
they ask me things I do not know,
to charge me wickedly.
They pay back evil for my good
and leave my soul forlorn;
yet at their illness I would fast,
and clad in sackcloth mourn.

6.I grieved for them as one might mourn
for mother, brother, friend,
but when I stumbled, they rejoiced
and mocked me without end.
Against me unknown wretches came,
they mocked maliciously,
like those who have no fear of God,
and gnashed their teeth at me.

7.O Lord, how long will you look on?
Defend me from their strife;
from these marauding lions’ teeth
protect my precious life.
Then where the great assembly meets
to you will I give praise;
among the crowds of worshipers
thanksgiving I will raise.

8.Let not my wrongful enemies
raise o’er me joyful cries;
nor those who hate me without cause
with malice wink their eyes.
In peaceful words they do not speak,
but cunning schemes they plan,
accusing those who live at peace
and quiet in the land.

9.Triumphantly they shout and say,
“Aha! Aha! We see!”
LORD, you have seen; hold not your peace.
Lord, be not far from me.
Awake, to my defense arise!
My God, for me contend.
With justice judge me, LORD, my God;
their wicked gloating end.

10.Within their hearts let them not say,
“At last! Just what we want!”
Nor let them say, “We swallowed him”—
let that not be their taunt.
May all who gloat at my distress
know shame and loss of face;
may those who proudly bring me down
be covered with disgrace.

11.May those who long to see me cleared
with gladness shout and sing:
“The LORD be praised, who loves to see
his servant prospering.”
Your righteousness will I extol;
my tongue will speak your praise.
And I will tell your greatness, LORD,
and praise you all my days.

Composer: "English Country Songs", 1893; Harm. Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1906

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