First Line:

With a prayer You fed the hungry

Songbook: Hymns of Grace

Page Number: 257

Song Key: E flat

Language: English

Authors: Stuart townend

Themes: Jesus the Son – HIs earthly ministry

Also Known As: With a Prayer

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Verse 1

With a prayer
You fed the hungry
With a cry You stilled the storm
With a look You had compassion
On the desperate and forlorn
With a touch You healed the leper
With a shout You raised the dead
With a word expelled the demons
With a blessing broke the bread


Love incarnate love divine
Captivate this heart of mine
Till all I do speaks of You

Verse 2

As a sheep before the shearer
You were silent in Your pain
You endured humiliation
At the hands of those You'd made
And as hell unleashed its fury
You were lifted on a tree
Crying Father God forgive them
Place their punishment on me

Verse 3

I will feed the poor and hungry
I will stand up for the truth
I will take my cross and follow
To the corners of the earth
And I ask that You so fill me
With Your Peace Your Power Your Breath
That I never love my life so much
To shrink from facing death

Arranger: Mark Rice

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