First Line:

All hail the mighty Conqueror, Christ Jesus, our great King!

Songbook: Trinity Psalter Hymnal 2018

Page Number: 515

Song Key: D

Language: English

Authors: Based on Romans 8:31-39; Jonathan landry Cruse, 2015

Tune Name: AURELIA

Themes: Perseverance

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1. All hail the mighty Conqueror,
Christ Jesus, our great King!
All hail the glorious Warrior,
to whom our praise we bring.
May he be given honors
by all his ransomed host:
we, too, are more than conquerors
who make his name our boast.

2. Yet how can we inherit
this title “conqueror” too?
We have not earned the merit
or fame that is his due.
For we have only failed him
by ev’ry sin and doubt;
indeed, we cruelly nailed him
and cast the Conqueror out.

3. But rising up victorious
he conquered death and sin,
and reigns in heaven glorious,
each conflict set to win.
To those of his own choosing
he shares the victory;
says, “Though you once were losing,
come conquer now through me.

4. “You cannot be defeated
by trials in this life.
The conquest is completed
o’er Satan, sin, and strife.
No pain, no tribulation,
no danger, famine, sword,
no—nothing in creation
can conquer those in God.”

5. Now since our God is for us,
what have we then to fear?
Though enemies deplore us,
we face them all with cheer.
For we will be triumphant:
each foe will be trod down
beneath the Christ exultant,
who shares the Conqueror’s crown.

Composer: Samuel Sebastian Wesley, 1864

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  • Jonathan Landry Cruse